G-Dragon called racist slur, “ching chong”, at Paris Fashion Week caught on video

In a video on YouTube that has recently resurfaced, fans have discovered that while G-Dragon was in Paris for Fashion Week in June, he was called racial slurs.

G-Dragon was attending the Yves St Laurent show at Paris Fashion Week last month when some bystanders yelled, “ching chong” and “ni hao”.

cr. koreaboo

this is unacceptable and not getting around as much as it should be

a lotta people are going ‘he’s 2 famous to care lol!’ in the fb article for this and i can tell you that i’ve been called chingchong about 3930390 times, and it will never stopped being annoying just like anyone else whos been taunted with racist calls. its disappointing hes get this sorta backlash at all. i’m sure gd’s showing all of the haters and whatever with his fame and success, but being recognized solely cuz ur asian and immediately being made fun of with typical racist bullcrap never has and never will stop being obnoxious. let give those ppl a hand for showing us that they still got a lot to learn